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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Somebody sure loves PINK...and she's not afraid to wear it every day ;)

                                                              yeah that's right! :)

Friday, January 4, 2013

Lilly Grace Is 2 Months Old!

Baby girl turned 2 months old yesterday! And oh man she is a totally different baby now than her first month...we JUST discovered last week that all her fussiness and pain when eating was due to the fact that she has a milk protein intolerance, which means her body can't digest milk...so we switched to Similac Alimentum (for milk allergies) and oh boy she has been a different child! Don't get me wrong i know crying comes with every baby the first few months, but episodes of colic will just about kill you! We just hated we knew she was in pain and didn't know how to help her when she had her crying fits! And now she is truly the smiliest happiest girl, no more pain!! So all is good in the hood now!

All for LG, she is such a doll baby! She is JUST like her brother, not only are they twins they act exactly alike! She is really focusing now and smiles all the time and coos and is pulling at things now! She just had her 2 month check up yesterday and got the dreaded first round of shots ughh hate them every time, way hard to watch for me!...she was pretty miserable yesterday poor thing! She looks great, she's a long skinny minnie at this point, unlike her chunk brother haha! Funny thing is they eat the same amount now, looking back on where J was!  But yet he was a pound & half bigger, but she has grown an inch half longer...curious to see where she is at 4 months...She had a rough go at it this last month with the ER trip and being sick and having the milk allergy poor thing, i can already tell she's chunking up faster now!

Here were her stats:
*Weight- 10 lbs 4 oz's (7 lbs 4 oz at birth)
*Length- 22 1/2 in. (18 3/4 in. at birth)
*Head Circ- 15 in.

Here's where she's at now!

*She has bright blue eyes and her hair is still getting blonder!

*She is a smiley little munchkin, so happy all time now!

*She wears 0-3 month and 3 month clothing, and size 1 diapers!

*She eats 4-5 ounces every 3 hours!

*She sleeps 7 or 8 hrs at time normally from 11-6 or 7!

*She loves her floor mat, and is now pulling at the hanging animals as of last week!

*She is a daddy's girl!

*She loves watching Mickey Mouse in the morning with her brother!

*She still adores bath time!

*She has a dimple on her left cheek!

*She loves looking in the mirror and being carried in her Bjorn!

*She lovess her big brother, when she hears his voice she smiles!

*She had he first ER trip last month for a fever, and boy was that traumatic for all of us! Praying we're not back there any time soon!

*She can lift her neck so high already on her belly, and has been rolling front to back!

*She's now cooing!

She's a little love bug, and we are so in love with this sweet girl!