"Delight yourself in the Lord; and He will give you the desires of your heart" ~Psalm 37:4

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My First Erin Condren Life Planner!

So I read about this planner on my friend Rebecca's blog (A Southern Boy and A City Girl)...I have always had a standard big calendar I keep in my desk, but when I saw this planner I knew I had to have it! I have a huge Louis that I call my Mary Poppins purse, and I knew this would fit haha! You can get a great deal on it too...It is originally $50, and I used a coupon for get $50 for $25 dollars toward it from Plum District, and then another $10 dollar off coupon on the website..so I ended up paying $15 dollars for it!

It is really amazing, I just love it! I love that it keeps track of every little thing going on in our lives! There's labels and room for everything...And I love that I will be able to sit down on Sunday with the hubby and plan out each day for the whole upcoming week! I am such an organizer/planner and this is just perfect for me! Here's to much needed and wonderful organization in my life! :)

                                                The Cover!
                        Love All The Quotes Inside!


Thanks Erin Condren, I'm excited to have a super organized 2012!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Christmas Pajamas!

I just ordered this pajama set from PBKids for Joshua...I wanted to get him a cute Christmas pj this year and now that he's in 2T i just had to get them...they'll be great winter pj's and they looked too cozy and cute to resist..plus i'm a sucker for anything monnogramed...so I caved! I love everything red this time of year ;)

Monday, November 7, 2011

We Finally Said Bye Bye...

To Paci!!...I just hated the thought of having to take his comfort away from him...but I finally decided the day he turned 2 I had to be strong and it was time to pack it up...I just acted like it wasn't there anymore...and Joshua surely noticed...he asked for it at nap and bedtime calling for it and crying into the monitor the first two days for a good 45 mintues before giving up (that was rough for mommy)...then on the 3rd day he asked for it before nap time again when we were reading and i just tried to pretend like i didn't hear him and he gave up on asking and passed out without it...same thing at bedtime...and then on the 4th day not one mention of it, he went straight down...so Paci is oficially packed up...never though the day would come!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

2 Year Check-Up and Joshua at 24 Months!

Okay it's really hitting me now I have a 2 year old after his 2 year check up today! We had a great appointment, he's healthy as can be...and to no surprise to mommy, skinnier...Aside from the cheeks (which have decided to stick around, oh i just love them) he's thinned out a lot since his 18 month visit with all the running he does all day!
His stats were: 26.5 pounds (30%) and 34 1/2 inches (50%)

So right on track just need to keep him eating like a horse with how much this kiddo runs around! Doc says she's totally happy with where he is and that it's totally normal to thin out some at this age, happiness to mommy's ears! He had one shot in his arm and he didn't even cry...just those sweet little quiver lips like mommy help me and a few lone tears rolled down his face, such a tough little man! He squeezed mommy so tight when it was done for a good bit!

He's right on track developmentally and with his words, (of course I feel like he's a little behind talking of some kids I hear his age), but doc says that they all go at their own pace and all catch up eventually...so if she's happy with him I'm happy! And I know the fact that he's not in daycare or preschool and doesn't interact with kids really aside from our classes we do can be part of it...and Gymboree has been great for that...he loves talking to the kids there! He's talking more and more everyday and I just love now that we can talk back and forth to eachother!

So it was a great 2 year check-up, as always an awesome experience with Piedmont Pediatrics! So weird to think it will be a whole year until we're back for another check-up!

Where is joshua now at 24 months, well he is a litle man with a BIG personality...LM is always and im mean always making us laugh...he has more energy than mommy and daddy know what do with...he is so much fun and I am so thankful to have him...he is his daddy in every single way and i just love it!

He wears size 2T tops and bottoms! Although I tend to like 24 months jeans on him right now because some 2T fall off his little waist...He is in 2T and 3T pajamas depending on the material!...We just got him a little bomber jacket from Old Navy for the fall/winter and oh boy is it too precious for words on him!...He still wears size 4 diapers...When we discussed potty training the Doc said if he's not saying poo and pee often when goes in his diapers and seeming to know and care it's there then don't even try yet...he will sometimes say "mama poop" but not until a good bit after haha...we have his little potty that he will plop down on when one of us is using the toilet and says "Potty Mama", but i'm not rushing it...if he seems ready in the next few months we'll give it a shot! Doc says the worst thing to do is push it prematurely...so maybe in a few months!

What are his favorite foods these days? Hmm let's see he loves his macaroni and cheese, especially from Panera...boy can he scarf that down! He still adores his avacados (seems to be the only green thing he will touch)...doc says we can start gummy vitamins today so that's good! He loves his meat; chicken, turkey, meatloaf, burgers you name it he loves it!
His very very favorite is a Moo Moo burrito from Moes (we are obsessed with Moe's we go every Monday for Moe's Mondays), and he eats the entire chicken burrito and chips and cookie every time! This kid can eat!...He loves mini pancakes with lots of butter! And fruit, he would eat fruit all day if you let him...we haven't found one he won't eat yet...But blueberries and banana's are his fav! And he loves anything pasta or mexican! And he loves his sweets! Things he doesn't like...hmmm not much but he hates all veggies (besides carrots and corn)...and he doesn't really love cereal, he will eat it but doesn't love it...he'd rather have pancakes and waffles!  He doesn't like rice! He doesn't like PBJ's..i know how can you not right?

Joshua loves his leggos, cars and trucks! Then we're getting him a train table for Christmas he's going to be so excited!...He loves drawing on his chalkboard in the playroom! He loves Super Why and the Fresh Beat, only two shows he will watch these days..he watches in the morning with his breakfast and  sometimes at night when daddy gets home from work...He loves the park so much and we're so sad our park days are coming to an end soon...He has always and still loves strolling with mommy!

He loves loves his play places, we go to HippoHopp once a week now on a not so nice day! It's only 5 minutes away from us and we love it! And then Gymboree class once a week and open gym at least once a week! And Play out in roswell one or two times a month when we're in that neck of the woods...He loves all things play, my little ball of energy! Oh and we have an 8 ft trampoline is our house now for the winter haha and he is loving that! He will bounce all morning and take the best nap everr! Gotta keep this munchkin moving!

He's just such a joy to be around every day and so much fun these days! I just love this little 2 year old (so crazy saying that) so darn much!