"Delight yourself in the Lord; and He will give you the desires of your heart" ~Psalm 37:4

Monday, December 10, 2012

Lilly Grace is 1 Month Old!

Wow it's been forever since I've last blogged!..I guess having a newborn in the house will do that to you! Lilly Grace is just the most precious little girl! And her brother is loving her and to our surprise super protective over her! We had no idea how he would handle her after 3 years of having every bit of attention from everyone, but he is so gentle with her and loving on her it melts my heart! It has been a pretty exahausting first month; between the lack of sleep, J and I having bad colds (gotta love winter) and trip to the ER last week...I'm just so glad this week looks like it's returned to calm again! We had an emergency trip to the ER with LG (wow super scary experience) for a high temp she spiked all the sudden...I pretty much knew it was the inevitable cold virus J and I gave her, but when they're under 2 months you have to be admitted just to be safe...between the IV she had to have and the spinal tap and staying in the ER for the standard 48 hours...and it did end up being just a virus after all that, so thankful!...we're all just glad this is a new week and everyone in the house is back to healthy again! Phew, having a baby in the winter is just not fun with all the sickiness going around!

Anyways, LG is a cutie patootie and we are just loving having a baby girl in our family now! It truly feels complete now! She had a great one month check up and is looking great!

Here's where's she's at now at One Month Old!

*She weighed 8 pounds 13 oz at her one month check up last week (50%)

*She is 21 1/4 inches long (50%)

*She is a petite little thing!

*She is strong as an ox! She can lift her neck so so high on her stomach!

*She wears size 1 diapers and size 0-3 month clothes and some 3 months onesies...I had to pack up all her newborn clothes (tear) she outgrew them all...I forget just how fast they grow!

*She is a great little eater and eats 4 oz every 3 hours!

*She loves loves bath time and will stay in there content as can be the entire time without a peep!

*She loves watching cartoons in the morning with her brother!

*She loves her Little Lamb swing so much!

*She loves her brother so much, and loves laying with him!

*She unfortunately has pretty bad reflux and her doc put her on Zantac (hoping it helps some) and really bad gas (she's quite the tooter) which is finally getting better just last week, the first few weeks were pretty rough!

*She has lots of spikey blonde hair and  bright blue eyes (apparently I'm just the oven, my kids are their father!)

*She's a great little sleeper (just as of last week) and sleeps from about 1030 to 430 eats and then back down til 730!

*She is just really starting to look at me and focus, and I get a little smirk like smile every once in a while...I can't wait for the real smiles to come soon!

*She is a daddy's girl!

*She loves when mommy and daddy do bicycles with her legs, really helps with her gas!

*She loves tummy time on her mat, it's her favorite!

*She loves wearing pink, it's her favorite color ;)

She is the cutest little button, and we are so blessed we finally have our little girl to complete our little family! 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Full Term!!

Today I am 37 weeks and full term, hallelujah! Wow, I felt like it was never going to get here this go round! Yes, I am beyond huge...
(Again, please excuse the photo...although I got showered this morning, there was no time for hair or make-up)

We had our 37 week check-up and our ultrasound yesterday, so two appointments (totaling a wait of like 2 hours) phew..thankfully hubby took off yesterday so he came with me to knock out both...my OB appointment went same ole same...fundal height is measuring right on track at 37 weeks and blood pressure was great...aside from the startling fact that I am up from my starting weight of 103 to now 148...(yes that's right 45 pounds, YIKES)...I guess that's why I'm waddling...Oh well, I gained 50 with Joshua so I guess I just put on that weight...Good thing it comes off super quick!...So since I am going in for a planned C-section at 39 weeks, the only way I would have her earlier is if I went into labor on my own so they checked me for dilation, and I was not dilated just cervix really thinned...so we'll see if she'll stay in for two more weeks or come earlier..

Then we had our ultrasound appointment just to check up on her growth and the cord, and everything looked great still...she measured 36/37 weeks all around and weighed in at 6 lbs 10 oz...(although they said it can be off up to a pound in either direction)...but she looked great, super duper stuffed in there poor thing...the cord is still borderline right on the edge...so while technically he said I COULD do a vaginal delivery since it is not a full blown velamentous insertion he said, my OB is still going with the safer route is a C, so we're definitely just going to still proceed in that direction to be on the safe side.

So now we just wait, and see when she wants to grace us...Unless she decides to come earlier, November 3rd is the date! We're completely ready for her...our hospital bag is all packed, hers is packed, all her clothes washed and hung...carseat is installed...check, check!...I seriosuly cannot stop nesting, I swear all I want to do all day is clean and clean some more...at least my house is spotless...hurry up now baby!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Joshua's 3 Years, Say CHEERS!

Saturday we celebrated my little love turning 3 years old...how can this be!?...We decided to just do a low key party 2 weeks shy of his actual birthday this year just to make sure we squeezed it in before baby girl comes...he told me he wanted to do a bigg Mickey Mouse cake, so Mickey it was! We really our Mickey these days...and so we just did a small party with our family and closest friends with Mickey, BBQ, and a big bounce house for the kiddos...we couldn't have asked for more amazing weather it was so perfect, and everyone had the most wonderful time! And Joshua said "it was the best day ever!" So even though it was all thrown together last minute, I'd say it was a huge success!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

1 Month Countdown!

One month or less until we get to meet our baby girl...the countdown is on!...And we are completely ready for her now...last weekend we got the last little things like a few more bottles, another drying rack...and we got her stroller all cleaned and her carseat set up in my car!...I got her diaper bag all packed for the hospital and now we just have to pack ours! It's really feeling real now...hurry up month fly by!

We just decided we are going to have Joshua's birthday party a few weeks early since it is so close to due date and we don't want to risk going into labor and not being able to do it...so we are just doing a super low key family cookout with a bounce house...and i'm going to save his big pirate party  I was planning to do for next year so i can go all out!...I was kind of bummed out I couldn't do the big party i want to do but it is what it is and I know he really doesn't care so much this year, so a big Mickey Mouse cake and bounce house is more than awesome for him!...I will more than make up for it next year!

I can't believe October is already here...hello fall and awesome weather and almost baby, I felt like it was never going to get here!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

34 Week Check...and we have a Date!

Today I met with my doctor, Dr. Fisch, for my 34 week check-up...She is so booked I haven't been able to see her for an appointment since 15 weeks...so I was excited to finally meet with her today...she is the doctor that delivered Joshua and she is also delivering this one, so I was wanting to see her rather than the other doctors in the group...she is just awesome..baby's heart rate same as always in the 150's..fundal height measured right at 34 weeks...blood pressure still great..she looked at my charts and immediately said that with the cord being borderline velamentous we're not going to take any chances at all, so set a date for a C-section it is...and I was actually really relieved just to know what the plan of action is and not be uncertain anymore, and now I'm mentally prepared! So they set the date for 5 days before my due date on November 3rd! So I'm hoping she stays in there because I really want my main doc to deliver her! So we have a date, 5 1/2 weeks or less to go!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

34 Week Ultrasound!

So today we had our every 4 week ultrasound...can't believe 34 weeks is already here, wow! Baby girl looked awesome, she measured in the 65% and weighed in at 5.5 pounds...poor thing is so smashed up in there, it's hillarious...she is still transverse (now I know why I am still so uncomfortable and have pressure) and now we know why she isn't going head down..you could see my whole cervix really clearly because she is not head down and it's looking like she's not going to be going head down any time soon unless my placenta moves or changes, because my placenta is covering half my cervix so she can't go head down...SO, a C-section might be inevitable for 2 reasons...I meet with my amazing main OB doc tom for my 34 week check-up, so I'm hoping she will give me some more clarification and what she's thinking will be the deal tom so I can just mentally be prepared...but it was so great to see that baby girl is still measuring wonderfully and has had no growth restrictions at all with the cord issue...she was sticking out her tongue at us and moving all around! oh and they said she has TONS of hair, so if they give me a bald baby it's not mine haha..Joshua didn't really have much hair at all, so I'm anxious to see all her hair she has!...ah can't believe we are 5 or less weeks away probably!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

33 Weeks! & some new baby gear!

Today I am 33 weeks! woop woop...

(Please excuse the hair and face I didn't have a chance to shower this am..)

I am starting to get to that oober uncomfortable phase where sleeping even with my snoogle isn't comfortable...sigh...i am having to get up to go to the bathroom every 2 hours on dot...not fun! So I am totally lacking in the sleep department (note to bags under my eyes), but on a happier note my intense heartburn and acid reflux has temporarily subsided...no other new symptoms (a few braxton kicks here and there) and just feeling super bloated and huge!...Weight gain at this point is about 35 pounds so I'm not really gaining anymore, sorta plateaued like I did with J at this point ...Baby girl moves a ton most of the day, my stomach is sort of like an alien took it over these days...cannot believe I am 7 or less weeks away now! (Really hoping for the sooner!) Still not sure on if I'm going to have to have a C-section or not..will prob know next week when I meet with my main Doc for my 34 week check-up...chance I still may not have to, but I'm mentally prepared either way now, so we'll see!

It has been so nice having the nursery all done so I have just been relaxing since my shower and {trying} to take it easy (not so possible with a 2 year old running around)...I'm in serious nesting mode (I can't stop cleaning!) It's all I want to do these days! {When I really should be resting!}

And hubs and I got some new baby gear for baby girl last weekend at Babies R' Us...we got her pink bouncy seat since J's was obvs blue, I just had to get a pink one...and her new Pack N' Play since we never got one own with J (we just borrowed a friends) and ended up using it a TON! We got her a cute pink and brown floral design!

And my new diaper bag came in the mail yesterday! I'm seriously so excited about it! It's the Skip Hop Jonathan Adler Diaper Bag (in multi pattern)...Okay I am not gonna lie i'm kind of a celebrity gossip lover, and when I saw all the celebrities loved this bag so much and it was only $70 bucks I was kinda sold...It really is the perfect size (not too big not too small) tons of storage space and pockets..My favorite features are the front pockets are bottle insulators, and it has a cell phone pocket on side, and the over the shoulder strap detaches and clips hook to back of stroller...I'm so excited to use it, and not have to carry around a diaper bag and my pocket book this time round!

So here's to hoping the next 7 or less weeks go quickly!...I am so ready to meet my baby girl!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Showered With Love!

So last weekend we had a little baby shower with my family and best friends...I just wanted to have a small little gathering, so I decided to do a girl's luncheon at our house with just like 15 of us...my mom lives for decorating so it was great to just let her and my best go crazy and me do nothing haha...my best friend Jenna hosted the shower and it was so wonderful!...it was a beautiful little floral set-up with gorgeous flowers and delicious food!...they made pimento cheese sandwhiches, chicken salad, potato bites, grape salad, deviled eggs, and strawberry shortcakes...it was yummo...this little girl is already so loved...it sure was fun getting clothes this go round, SO much cuter!! I got some adorable little outfits and gear for baby girl! I am so blessed to have such wonderful women in my life!

Beautiful luncheon set-up in our living room...they did gorgeous table decorations!

My mom made a cute little flower garden by our front door with Joshua's handprints!

                    Cute little cake pop tree!

The yummy food!

Beautiful centerpiece of pink roses, mums and baby's breath!

Gotta love pinterest ideas!

My friend Holly made this precious USC diaper cake!

Cutest little bloomers!

Love my bestest!

My handsome man showed up at the end with the popular Mr. Joshua, and of course the women went nuts :)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Baby Girl's Pink & Black Nursery.

So this nursery was so much fun to decorate, yet soo much work!! Way more than I anticipated, but the finished product was so worth it! I had a bunch of people asking me about different pieces and such in the nursery so I am going to break it all down best I can! Here is baby girl's pink & chic nursery from start to finish!

We knew we wanted to do white beadboard with a pinky purple paint from the beginning...I had a vision in my head of that with the black baby furniture...So we actually started the whole room with this pink Capri rug from pottery barn kids..I just fell in love with the purply pink color and we went from there...we ended up actually mixing two pottery barn kids paint colors together 50/50 to get the perfect blend; it is Benjamin Moore's Posy Pink, and Benjamin Moore's Pink Lace...So our painter came and did the painting and installed the beadboard and I just fell in love!

From there we started looking at satin and curtain fabrics for the window treatment to do satin bows on the curtains...we found the fabric at Forsyth Fabric and Lewis and Sheron fabric, I wanted to bring in darker shade of the pink and it was perfect and girly! So we had them custom made on a cornice board to make it super easy to hang!

Then my mom found an old rocker at an antique store that was perfect and needed to be recovered, so we snatched it up and had it recovered in a textured of white fabric and had it piped in the pink satin and monogrammed with her initials..

And the side table we actually found a little antique side table and cut the top off of it and used an antique tray for the top of it..and then just shabby chic'd it to finish it off!

Then we copied the satin bows off of the curtains and emulated them on the black round crib...I had the crib skirt made with a black and white stripe fabric I found at Lewis...and the frames in background are from Hobby Lobby and I just blotched a little black paint over the white frames to give them some dimension.

And we had this black hutch from my son's nursery as well that I added clear crystal knobs to give it some bling!

Then I found this chandy off of Ebay for an amazing price...it had the purply pink crystals and was perfect for the room.

Then we had this chaise lounge from my son's nursery already in the stripe so it worked perfectly to repeat stripe on the crib skirt! And the little pink pillow was handmade by my mom with the pink satin fabric and tulle, gathered to look like rosettes.

And this ribbon mirror is my obsession! It's my favorite thing in the room...I stumble across it on one of my design blogs I followed by chance and fell in love.it's just so girly and elegant! It is from Diamond Lighting the Mya Collection.

 Then I wanted to get a really girly bookcase to store all her little trinkets, dolls, books etc...and found this Jenny Lind from Land of Nod...i just loved the spindles on it..it came in white and blue.so we spray painted it a rosy darker pink color.

Then I found this cute little Hobnob lamp of Ebay and added these rosettes I ordered off of Etsy around the top and bottom!

 And my mom made this cute little bow/hat tree out of rod iron, pray paint, moss, and a plant urn...it turned out so cute and brought in a little green to the room!

And that was the last piece to go in the room! It was a long process, but a fun one!..I can't wait to spend many days (and nights) in there relaxing!