"Delight yourself in the Lord; and He will give you the desires of your heart" ~Psalm 37:4

Monday, August 8, 2011

We're Still Here!

So unfortunately when I switched over to gmail I accidentally deleted my blog...i have tried so hard to recover it, but i'm thinking it is now gone forever, huge sigh..

As for our us, we had a wonderful summer filled with so much fun!! Between trips to the lake and beach we definitely stayed super busy! It was so much fun watching Joshua this year compared to last year! He just loves the water and beach so much!.. Chris' parents just put a pool in their backyard so we have really been loving trips over there in this crazy heat!

Joshua is now less than 3 months away from his 2nd birthday, crazy!!! I decided this year we were going to let him "pick" his theme, and he picked "COWS!" haha...he watches his farm animal DVD and just screams cowww cowwww and laughs, so cow party it is!  and it's easy for mommy to decorate too! we're just going to do a low key party with just family and closest friends! we keep asking him how old are you going to be on your birthday soon and he says "TWOOOOO" it's so cute :)

Joshua is really a talker these days! He says so many words now, (although the pronunciation isn't always the best, he tries almost every word!) He is still such a good eater, he eats anything and everything but his favs are macaroni and cheese, avacados, spaghetti pie, fruit fruit and more fruit!, strawberry milk, hummus, and chicken nuggets, corn, carrots, and mashed potatoes! Joshua is loving his Gymboree class, we go every Friday morning and go to open gym a few times a week and he just loves it!!..he is making some new friends and we are really enjoying it! We are also loving monkey joe's on days where it is way too hot to be outside! And when it's not too hot we makes lots of trips to Piedmont Park! He loves playing in the water fountains there! I have to say I'm really looking forward to some cooler weather!!

Joshua just got a big boy haircut! He looks so old now, it's so cute!.. He looks even more like his daddy if that's even possible, right!? :)

We just transitioned Joshua into his new "big boy" room and he is doing GREAT! we were fully anticipating it to take him some time and he took to his bed from day 1 and has slept in it every nap and bedtime!..We were making dinner downstairs last month and heard a huge THUD! We knew he had fallen out of his crib and flew up the stairs, he was completely fine thanks to the carpet in his room! After discovering he could climb out he woudln't stay in for more than 5 seconds, so the next day we said byebye to the crib! We started him out in a little toddler bed and within 2 weeks moved him to a twin pbkids bed, and he took to it perfectly! We love this bed because on the lowest setting he can easily climb in and out, and for when he's older on he highest setting we can put a trundle underneath! We decided on a sports/baseball themed room to grow with him for years to come, and it has really turned out soo cute!! I will post pictures soon we are almost done now!

So now we're back in the blog world!


  1. So glad you are back! Joshua is so cute! And I am glad you guys had a great summer...but I am sure you all are as ready for Fall, Football and cooler weather as we are! You and Chris should come to game night in Sept. It is at Lauren's!!!

  2. YAY! You're back!! :-) Your little man is sooo sweet!!! I added you to my site, too!!