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Monday, April 16, 2012

beach fun & two weeks from home.

So we are finally back home and settled in after 2 weeks away, so much fun but we sure are happy to be home...we got back from the beach last thursday and then our house was in the middle of getting painted (our entire downstairs and trim)...needless to say it was pretty smelley, so we stayed over at my in-laws from last thursday until yesterday...it sure is nice to finally be home and settled in and not living out of our suitcases...our house was so nice to come home to freshly painted and all warm and pretty! I'll post pics of the new paint and Easter soon!

The beach trip was an absolute blast..the little man sure was in complete heaven, he ran out from our room onto the beach every morn to splash int he waves..can't wait to go back next year and continue our tradition of going with my dad and fam the week before Easter...here are some pics of our fun trip to Vero Beach!

                                                          i didn't mind waking up to this every morn..
                                                           they sure slept hard..

                                                                he LOVED the ocean!

                                                         my handsome boys.
                                                        Joshua with his uncle joey and uncle jonathan.
                                                                joshua with my dad and brother.

                                              he loved baseball on the beach with the boys.

                                                sand castle fun.

                                            byebye Vero beach, we had a blast...until next year!

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