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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Helloo 3rd trimester...and 28 wk 3D pics!

Today we went to Stork Vision for our 28 week 3D ultrasound..and I have soo been looking forward to this for weeks! It's just so amazing the technology these days...she actually cooperated fabulously and we got some great pics! It is crazy just how much her 3D pics look like Joshua's...same exact nose it's so funny...we got some great pics and video clips that I will just treasure forever!

Oh and hellooooo 3rd trimester! I'm 28+5 days today...almost near the 10 week or less mark!! 
                                Happy Girl...Look at those lips!!
                                                    She loves her feet!
                                     Ok people...enough already!
                                           I love her!!

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