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Monday, December 10, 2012

Lilly Grace is 1 Month Old!

Wow it's been forever since I've last blogged!..I guess having a newborn in the house will do that to you! Lilly Grace is just the most precious little girl! And her brother is loving her and to our surprise super protective over her! We had no idea how he would handle her after 3 years of having every bit of attention from everyone, but he is so gentle with her and loving on her it melts my heart! It has been a pretty exahausting first month; between the lack of sleep, J and I having bad colds (gotta love winter) and trip to the ER last week...I'm just so glad this week looks like it's returned to calm again! We had an emergency trip to the ER with LG (wow super scary experience) for a high temp she spiked all the sudden...I pretty much knew it was the inevitable cold virus J and I gave her, but when they're under 2 months you have to be admitted just to be safe...between the IV she had to have and the spinal tap and staying in the ER for the standard 48 hours...and it did end up being just a virus after all that, so thankful!...we're all just glad this is a new week and everyone in the house is back to healthy again! Phew, having a baby in the winter is just not fun with all the sickiness going around!

Anyways, LG is a cutie patootie and we are just loving having a baby girl in our family now! It truly feels complete now! She had a great one month check up and is looking great!

Here's where's she's at now at One Month Old!

*She weighed 8 pounds 13 oz at her one month check up last week (50%)

*She is 21 1/4 inches long (50%)

*She is a petite little thing!

*She is strong as an ox! She can lift her neck so so high on her stomach!

*She wears size 1 diapers and size 0-3 month clothes and some 3 months onesies...I had to pack up all her newborn clothes (tear) she outgrew them all...I forget just how fast they grow!

*She is a great little eater and eats 4 oz every 3 hours!

*She loves loves bath time and will stay in there content as can be the entire time without a peep!

*She loves watching cartoons in the morning with her brother!

*She loves her Little Lamb swing so much!

*She loves her brother so much, and loves laying with him!

*She unfortunately has pretty bad reflux and her doc put her on Zantac (hoping it helps some) and really bad gas (she's quite the tooter) which is finally getting better just last week, the first few weeks were pretty rough!

*She has lots of spikey blonde hair and  bright blue eyes (apparently I'm just the oven, my kids are their father!)

*She's a great little sleeper (just as of last week) and sleeps from about 1030 to 430 eats and then back down til 730!

*She is just really starting to look at me and focus, and I get a little smirk like smile every once in a while...I can't wait for the real smiles to come soon!

*She is a daddy's girl!

*She loves when mommy and daddy do bicycles with her legs, really helps with her gas!

*She loves tummy time on her mat, it's her favorite!

*She loves wearing pink, it's her favorite color ;)

She is the cutest little button, and we are so blessed we finally have our little girl to complete our little family! 

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