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Friday, February 22, 2013

Lil is 3 Months!

This post is 2 weeks late, but sweet little Lil is 3 months old now! She is just an angel baby, and we are enjoying our new little addition so much!! It's awesome now that she's starting to communicate and do activities etc! Life has gotten leaps and bounds easier in just one short month, it's amazing! Lilly is the happiest little baby now, I'm so glad we figured out she has a milk protein allergy sooner than later, it changed her life with the new formula! Here's where Lilly Grace is at now!

*She weighs almost 12 lbs!

*She is in 3 month and some 3 to 6 month clothes (she's long and skinny!)

*She is just now moving into size 2 diapers!

*She eats about 5-6 ounces every 3-4 hours!

*She is able to roll front to back and almost back to front now all by herself (we had to say goodbye to the beloved swaddle as soon as her rolling started she flipped over for the first time at night yikes that was super scary!)

*She is a smiling little thing all the time!

*She talks back to us all the time now it's so sweet!

*She is on a routine at this point with sleep and naps which is awesome! She goes down at night at 11 and sleeps straight through until 7 am! 

*She really adores her
playmat these days and grabs at the animals like crazy!

*She has bright blue eyes still, they're definitely not changing!

*She just started in her jumperoo this week (with a pillow behind her head) and she loves it, she's had full neck control for while now!

*Her hair is really growing fast! (and darkening up a TINY bit but still blonde)

*She adores her big brother, truly just beams when he's talking to her it melts my heart every time!

*We have finally been getting out of the house again a lot as of this month finally, fresh air feels so good!!

*She has begun teething we think, she is chopping at her little hands and drooling like crazy, ugh!

*She loves watching Princess Sophia!

*She still loves her Bjorn at night when she gets a lil fussy!

*She smiles ALL the time, such a 'lil sweetheart!

Happy 3 Months Lilly Loo, we love you!!

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