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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry HoHo

We sure had an amazing "kissmas" as Joshua would say! :) He would run around telling everyone "Merry HOHO and Merry Kissmass!".. Needless to say Christmas was a huge hit this year! He doesn't quite get it fully but he knew Santa was coming to bring "peasants" after he went night night! He was so excited to run downstairs and tear through them all! This was his big santa gift this year, and oh boy was he excited!

                                           He was so surprised!

He was so excited to use all his new Thomas trains with it, he knows alot of their names so cute..he played with it all day!

Some of his other favorites included his Thomas tent, an aquadoodle, a cash register, his Story Buddy, his new Polo clothes and shoes from grandma, and another huge hit was Dumbo! It was my favorite movie growing up and we watched it while we ate our big Christmas breakfast and he absolutely loved it!

He got lots of fun goodies in his stocking!
Love my sweet boys!

Ewww this light's up!

                               This pretty much sums up his excitement Christmas morning! :)

Oh and I took all these pics with my new camera the hubby got me!! It's pretty nice going from a cheap digital camera to a super nice one with a lens! I'm so excited!

We lounged around in our pajamas ALL day and then we had a delicious Christmas dinner with our family at our house, it was wonderful!

                                          He loved his Christmas plate!

                 Look at my handsome little man!!..He was SO cute in his Christmas outfit!

Christmas was soo much fun this year, seeing it all through his eyes is the most amazing thing!...and I just know next year will be even more fun! :) Hope everyone had a very Merry CHRISTmas!

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  1. He is SO adorable! I know I can't wait for next year either!