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Monday, January 23, 2012

Chair Swing Love.

Ever since we saw it at Ikea last year we've wanted to put this chair swing in the playroom for Joshua...but we wanted to wait until we knew he was old enough to understand how to use it and how to be careful in it...So now that he's at that point, we took a family trip to Ikea (a.k.a the best store ever haha) to get the chair swing this weekend! We knew from reading the reviews that it was going to be a pain to hang, so my handy father-in-law came over and he and the hubs spent a good 2 plus hours hanging it...and the finished result...well look at his face... :)

It is so much fun for him and he absolutely loves it...we hung it over by the reading corner so that he can sit and read his books in it, but it also faces towards the tv so he can watch from it!

He's the perfect little size in it too it's so cute, he just lounges back in it!

He loves mommy and daddy pushing him in circles he laughs so hard...

I think this playroom is going to be a never-ending project...I have way too much trying to add to it to make it the most fun place I can for my little man ;)

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