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Friday, January 20, 2012

Preschool, Already?

Really where did my baby go!? I think this starting preschool in the fall is the first realization he's full blown toddler now! We have two wonderful preschool church programs near us we are deciding between and I can't wait for him to start in the fall...The tours and doing all the paperwork is hitting me hard, but I know I still have a half a year until I have to share him ;)...I know he is going to love it so much, he adores his Gymboree friends and asks to go every day...he loves being around kids and I know he'll do great..I can't wait to buy him a little backpack and snack box, so crazy!..I know I will be that mom that sits parked in the parking until he gets out the first day, it's so going to happen...But I have to remember it's just 3 short days, I can do it!

Joshua is really blossoming so much lately I just can't believe it...he's saying things like "mama look at the blue ball"...the talking is coming more and more every day I just love it! I sure loved the baby stage but it's so much more fun being able to really communicate with him now..His Gymboree teacher yesterday called him the life of the class, and that just made mommy so happy because he really is just a sweet little personality...and nonstop energy too  :).. He is so amazingly coordinated and can scale anything it's crazy...And he doesn't know a stranger, he hugs everyone in the class and sits in the teachers lap instead of mine ha ...I just hope he loves preschool and adjusts quickly, I know it might be a little strange for him at first because he has been with mommy all day every day since he was born...but I think he's going to do great I'm excited to see what the fall brings!

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