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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fernbank Fun.

I have been wanting to take Joshua to Fernbank Museum forever since it is right down the street from us...but I just knew he wasn't going to really enjoy it all until he was about this age...so when it was yuck and rainy this past Friday I decided it was the perfect day to pack up and head to Fernbank for the afternoon! Oh man did we have too much fun! We decided to absolutely buy a annual membership, it's such a great deal and I can see us coming at least twice a week he adored it so much! And it has so much educational stuff too for when he's a little bit older he will love!

(I ended up having like 90 of my 100 pics I took come out completely blurry..I am still figuring out my new camera and yes I forgot somehow to put my flash up so all my pictures are out of focus...and I got some great one's too, sigh haha go mommy!)

They have the most amazing kids play/explore room he played and played and didn't ever want to leave...we went to have our snack break and he said "no mama, want a' play!"..he was climbing up and down ladders, running back and forth across the bridges..he would say "oh mama loook at me!"...oh it was so fun watching him just explore! 
 The little shadows of fishies swam through the ground he loved chasing them all around!

                              He ran across these bridges 100 times!
He was so independent he just ran and explored and would look around for me every once in a while and tell  me to "hurry mama!" haha!

He talked to the baby crocodiles haha he loved them...he would say "oh hi baby croceedile!" He wanted to get them out...haha.

I wish I had better pictures to capture all the expressions of joy he had but oh we'll we'll be back soon, and I'll remember the flash next time!

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