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Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Little Talker.

As soon as Joshua hit 25 months he started talking up a storm  all the sudden...at his 24 month check-up I was wondering when the real talking would start and his doctor kept telling me it will come soon, it will come...and of course I was looking at her like okay...and then as soon as he hit 25 months he started talking like crazy out of nowhere...As of this month he is saying 3 and 4 words together all the time...his favorite phrases are "help me please mama", "mama, i do it myself" (that's my favorite), "put on my shoes", "it's a good dinner" etc..I am just loving that he can communicate so well now and now knowing what's going on in that cute little head.

He definitely loves the word no right now and is definitely showing his i can talk back side...but he now knows that it's off to timeout if he talks back or does something he's not supposed to..he is good about staying in timeout until we tell him time's up and he says sorry for what he did. He is QUITE the personality, oh my.

Joshua loves his animals he knows them all and will say their names and sounds they all make...he's really good at it he's mastered them all now...Joshua is also counting by himself from 1-5 and almost 1-10..he counts 1-5 and then if i say "then six" he says 7, 9, 10 yay!  he skips 8..i love it..he says every number great except for number 6 can sometimes sound like s*it, yes we try not to laugh...I am just so happy that he can talk to me now, it's so fun to see how excited he gets telling me things now too...I can't believe he will be 27 months at the end of the month...And I really can't believe I am filling out his preschool paperwork for him to start this fall...I know it's only 3 short days a week, but I'm just not ready to share him yet! 

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