"Delight yourself in the Lord; and He will give you the desires of your heart" ~Psalm 37:4

Friday, March 9, 2012

Catch Air and Friend Run In.

I ran into a high school classmate of mine at Hippohopp last week, then again at the park the next day..small world! It was so nice catching up and we have boys about 8 months apart which is great....and she's also a SAHM, and we live like 15 minutes apart, way awesome...I'm so glad we ran into each other or we never would have maybe never hung out, not to mention we seem to always be going in the same circles anyways..we had a great time taking the boys to Catch Air (our first visit) and then Panera for lunch today! And Catch Air is definitely a new place for us for rainy weekdays! Joshua had an absolute blast! It's a great place to let your kiddo roam and not have to worry about them running off if you turn your head...they have a great safety system and door/gate to keep them in! (one thing I wish Hippohopp had)..Joshua loved the big slides and tunnels, and got down and danced on the dance floor too! It's a little drive for us, about 25/30 mintutes, but definitely a new place we'll be adding to our rainy/cold day list!


  1. We love catch air! Glad you had fun!!!

  2. the one in sunwanee! do you guys ever go?