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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Outdoor Fun in the ATL! (our favs)

Living in Atlanta sure has its perks when the warm weather hits!! And now that Joshua is completely self mobile we can pretty much do everything, I'm so excited for this warm weather fun! Here are some of our favorite outdoor places you can find us this spring and summer!

1.) Zoo Atlanta
Oh the zoo is so wonderful for kiddos! We went yesterday and bought a membership now that he is old enough to really understand all the animals (and they are his obsession right now!) The membership is SUCH a deal if you live close enough to go often, it pays for itself in 2 visits for a whole year! I braved the zoo alone and it was actually a breeze! The best time to go is around 2 pm, when the animals are feeding so they're all out for the most part, and the place was empty we loved it! Joshua is obsessed with all things monkey, so we watched them forever he laughed so hard it was hysterical...then after seeing most of the animals we ventured over to the kids zoo for train rides, carousel rides,  petting zoo and playground fun! And oh boy did he love riding the train, we rode multiple times! It is just a great place to spend a weekday afternoon (or weekend if you don't mind the crowd) enjoying all the cute animals, strolling under the banboo and just having a blast!

2.) Piedmont Park

You can find us here ALL the time in the spring and summer! Between the water fountains for kids to run through, the playground, feeding the ducks, and the big open fields we spend lots and lots of time here when the warm weather hits. The have a great playground not hear any roads which is nice, so we usually start and here and then head over to feed the ducks and roam the fields and play soccer and frisbee...then when the warm weather is here to stay we hit the play fountains all the time! We also enjoy picnics with daddy during the week, he meets us since his office is right by Piedmont park, we sure love it here!

2.) Botanical Gardens
This is such a fun place to go and enjoy the beautiful scenery and let the little one's explore nature...it's a great place to go the be surrounded by beautiful flowers and plants and has a great place to let the kiddos take in nature with a two acre Children's Garden with giant caterpillars and butterflies, and an amphitheatre, water play area to cool off on a hot day! Oh and yummy food too for a lunch break!

4.) Turner Field
Now that Joshua is completely self mobile we are going to love going to see the Braves a lot! My hubby and I used to go all the time, and I'm excited to start going a lot again! I already bought Joshua his little Braves jersey and hat!..Oh i cant wait to watch my Braves, yummy hot dogs, and family fun at Turner!

5.)  Stone Mountain Park
We don't come here a ton, but i am so excited to take Joshua to a laser show and train ride this spring/summer! The laser shows runs from pretty much nightly at 9 pm from march to august...i know it will be late night but so worth it, i know he's going to go crazy for it! They also have great open fields for kids to roam on, and i want to take him on the scenic railroad that takes you around the mountain! I have a feeling now that he's a full blown toddler we will be coming here a lot more this spring and summer!

Oh I'm so excited for warm weather fun with my little man this year! (and daddy on the weekends :)
...Nothing beats outdoor fun in the ATL! :)

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  1. I totally didn't even think about how cool the Botanical Gardens would be for kids! We've gotta hop over there one day after Piedmont :)