"Delight yourself in the Lord; and He will give you the desires of your heart" ~Psalm 37:4

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Yellow River Game Ranch, FUN!

Oh My did we love this place! We went this morning and met "Miss Ali" as Joshua calls her and the kiddos for some fun at at Yellow River Game Ranch and it was a blast!! This was our first time going and what a hit it was...it's only about 15/20 mintures from our house in Stone Mountain tucked away, never knew it was there! It's just a big trail that goes in a big circle of all different animals to feed and pet...You just bring along some carrots, crackers, and apples and you're all set to feed them!...(they also sell it there too for cheap if you don't have any at home!)
The boys were in heaven! Joshua ran ahead of me the whole time screaming "mommy look at this one animal" and then "hurry mommy come come!"..he was hillarious he was so excited!

 He absolutely loved the deer which we saw first when we walked out on the trail..they were so sweet and came up and let you pet them...it took him a second to understand they weren't going to trounce on him, and then he was saying "awww I love you dear"..sooo stinkin' cute!
 They were so sweet and came right up to us!
 Love his face when he laughed so hard when they took the food!

The donkey's were my favorite they were adorable!

Just hanging out, precious.

He LOVED the pigs..they were his very favorite!

His cute little cheekers were so flushed from running around nonstop, he was so excited.

And "come mommy come!" ahead of me the whole time, I couldn't keep up :)
 He loved the bunnies so much!

 These little one's were so tiny and cute!

 He was telling this bunny "I love you, I take you home"...he tried to pick him up to take him with us crack me up!

We absolutely loved Yellow River Game Ranch! It's just a great alternative to Zoo Atlanta because the kiddos can walk the trail and roam and you don't have to worry about losing sight of them or them running off...we strolled through and barely anyone was there so nice...Can't wait to go back soon!


  1. I just asked my neighbor about that place today! I grew up 5 minutes from there and didn't know if it was still there....Zoe would love all the animals! The bunnies aster precious!

  2. The boys are so STINKIN CUTE together, I love it. Little Bird Whisper and Ball of Energy :)

  3. Rebecca-yes, it was a blast! we should plan a trip maybe next week and go, zoe would def love it!

    Ali-i know too stinkin cute! Matt the bird whisperer haha he did love them!

  4. I would love that! We are good any day but Friday.

  5. you little guys is sooooo cute!!! I love looking at all the fun things you guys do, you are such a great mommy!!!

  6. Meghan- aww thanks so much you're so sweet! you're an awesome mommy too! boys sure make it fun! :)

    rebecca-we can do either next tues or wed? we could meet over there around 10ish, the morning was perfect weather!