"Delight yourself in the Lord; and He will give you the desires of your heart" ~Psalm 37:4

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day With Daddy.

I love when my hubby takes a day off work to spend family day!...I so look forward to them!...he took off yesterday since he worked Monday instead and we had the best day! We went to the park in the morning because Joshua wanted to "go kick soccer ball"...it's his new favorite thing, we go play on the field almost every morning...we bought him a soccer ball the other day he loved playing so much.

Then we went to lunch at Wendy's...Joshua's loves him some cheeseburger and fries! We're a chick-fil-a fam but every once in a while we head here, he loves it!

Then we headed home for nap time and when Joshua woke up we headed over to TCBY for from frozen yogurt! Joshua asked for "nilla ice cream" and "sprinkles please"! He scrarfed it down! Mommy and daddy got the banana fosters fro-yo (with peanut butter cup topping that is) and man was it yummy!

Then we headed over to Joshua's favorite place and daily request these days, Fernbank! He loved showing daddy the exhibits and running through the playroom with daddy chasing him! He never slowed down for one second until we left at 5 when they closed!

Days like this remind me just how blessed I am to have these two guys in my life! They are my heart...we just had the most wonderful day yesterday! I love that the hubs does this with us as often as he can, I treasure these days!

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