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Monday, February 13, 2012

Ready For, Spring Decor!

I am just not a cold weather gal..and especially if it's not going to snow! I'm over this cold already..I am sooo ready for cookouts, playing on our swingset, lounging on the deck, and hanging ferns, flowers and lanterns! I am so anxious to decorate our deck...we took out the hot tub on the lower tier our deck just because we maybe used it 3 times in 3 years...it was here when we moved in and we just didn't use it ever and it just took up the entire lower space...and now with a toddler running around we figured we would make such better use out of it for him to hang/play on...so we took it out and the hubby and FIL filled it in with wood and stained it...now i'm so ready to buy a lounge set for that part of the deck...i am all about hot red/orange right now i love this one i found! I just know I want something bold and fun!

And i love these hanging lanterns from Pottery Barn, definitely going to be getting these to hang from our trellis!

And of course I always turn to my favorite little place every year in the Spring, Big Lots...I always get my outdoor lights here, and they have the best little patio finds for so cheap!

And Pier One looks like they are going to have some great stuff this Spring...i love all their bright colors and serving stuff they are previewing, can't wait to shop for some!

I cannot wait to wrap my deck in twinkling lights, pop some food on the grill, and just lounge outside! I have missed it! I will not miss you cold weather, now please hurry up Spring!

Have you found any fun outdoor Spring decor!?

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