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Thursday, September 20, 2012

33 Weeks! & some new baby gear!

Today I am 33 weeks! woop woop...

(Please excuse the hair and face I didn't have a chance to shower this am..)

I am starting to get to that oober uncomfortable phase where sleeping even with my snoogle isn't comfortable...sigh...i am having to get up to go to the bathroom every 2 hours on dot...not fun! So I am totally lacking in the sleep department (note to bags under my eyes), but on a happier note my intense heartburn and acid reflux has temporarily subsided...no other new symptoms (a few braxton kicks here and there) and just feeling super bloated and huge!...Weight gain at this point is about 35 pounds so I'm not really gaining anymore, sorta plateaued like I did with J at this point ...Baby girl moves a ton most of the day, my stomach is sort of like an alien took it over these days...cannot believe I am 7 or less weeks away now! (Really hoping for the sooner!) Still not sure on if I'm going to have to have a C-section or not..will prob know next week when I meet with my main Doc for my 34 week check-up...chance I still may not have to, but I'm mentally prepared either way now, so we'll see!

It has been so nice having the nursery all done so I have just been relaxing since my shower and {trying} to take it easy (not so possible with a 2 year old running around)...I'm in serious nesting mode (I can't stop cleaning!) It's all I want to do these days! {When I really should be resting!}

And hubs and I got some new baby gear for baby girl last weekend at Babies R' Us...we got her pink bouncy seat since J's was obvs blue, I just had to get a pink one...and her new Pack N' Play since we never got one own with J (we just borrowed a friends) and ended up using it a TON! We got her a cute pink and brown floral design!

And my new diaper bag came in the mail yesterday! I'm seriously so excited about it! It's the Skip Hop Jonathan Adler Diaper Bag (in multi pattern)...Okay I am not gonna lie i'm kind of a celebrity gossip lover, and when I saw all the celebrities loved this bag so much and it was only $70 bucks I was kinda sold...It really is the perfect size (not too big not too small) tons of storage space and pockets..My favorite features are the front pockets are bottle insulators, and it has a cell phone pocket on side, and the over the shoulder strap detaches and clips hook to back of stroller...I'm so excited to use it, and not have to carry around a diaper bag and my pocket book this time round!

So here's to hoping the next 7 or less weeks go quickly!...I am so ready to meet my baby girl!

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