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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

34 Week Ultrasound!

So today we had our every 4 week ultrasound...can't believe 34 weeks is already here, wow! Baby girl looked awesome, she measured in the 65% and weighed in at 5.5 pounds...poor thing is so smashed up in there, it's hillarious...she is still transverse (now I know why I am still so uncomfortable and have pressure) and now we know why she isn't going head down..you could see my whole cervix really clearly because she is not head down and it's looking like she's not going to be going head down any time soon unless my placenta moves or changes, because my placenta is covering half my cervix so she can't go head down...SO, a C-section might be inevitable for 2 reasons...I meet with my amazing main OB doc tom for my 34 week check-up, so I'm hoping she will give me some more clarification and what she's thinking will be the deal tom so I can just mentally be prepared...but it was so great to see that baby girl is still measuring wonderfully and has had no growth restrictions at all with the cord issue...she was sticking out her tongue at us and moving all around! oh and they said she has TONS of hair, so if they give me a bald baby it's not mine haha..Joshua didn't really have much hair at all, so I'm anxious to see all her hair she has!...ah can't believe we are 5 or less weeks away probably!

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